О Себе

Greetings to all guests in its portfolio.

I’m Max Samun, I’m 3D Designer/Visualizer who helps contributed to the development of visual presentations/marketing material for various architectural and interior projects.

Mostly my specialization — Interior visualization and working as a Freelancer for all my clients, i will be glad to help you with your current or new projects, ready to take any interesting Job.

My main focus today has been narrowed and intensified on very high quality, highly realistic architectural renderings, and product renderings. I use the very latest hardware and software to achieve superior results, in a fast, efficient and cost effective approach. Once in a while I will use my engineering degree to actually design products and render them at the same time.

Creating photo-realistic renderings for the architectural and product design community.


Familiar with a variety of skills:
✓ Hard Surface Modeling;
✓ Texturing;
✓ Lighting;
✓ Corona Render and Vray;
✓ After Effects;

Familiar with design programs including:
✓ 3D Studio Max;
✓ AutoCad;
✓ After Effects;
✓ Corona Render;
✓ Vray;
✓ Photoshop;
✓ Corel Draw.


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